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Local 2100

From 1983, when there were 17 ‘Teacher Aides’ employed with the Board, our membership has grown alongside the enrolment of students with special needs. When Full-Day Kindergarten came to Peel, our membership grew significantly as the membership includes Designated Early Childhood Educators (DECEs).

The Union is represented by five full-time Executive members and a DECE representative who is an active ERFP member who is released to attend to Union business. The office also employs a full-time Office Assistant to meet the needs of the membership. Executive members are elected bi-annually.

The membership encompasses permanent, long-term occasional and casual Teaching Assistants and Designated Early Educators who work for the Peel District School Board. Locations within the Board have Union Stewards who are responsible for communication between the Executive and the membership. These trained Stewards assist members on site as the need arises.

The Union has a variety of Committees, including Standing Committees (Nominating, Awards, etc.) and ad hoc Committees (Negotiating, Wellness, etc.) Members are encouraged to participate on Committees to familiarize themselves with the various aspects of the Union. An Executive member sits on every Committee.

Communication is key for the membership to receive up-to-date and valuable information. Members are encouraged to sign up for the mailing list as Union business cannot be conducted on Peel Board email. Critical information regarding key issues for negotiations and benefits changes (for example) are communicated through the mailing list.

General Meetings are held throughout the year and the Annual General Meeting is held each April. Meetings are a key way for members to receive information either in person or through their Steward.

The Union is governed by its Constitution. This document outlines the rules and regulations supporting the Union structure. The Constitution adheres to our current Collective Agreement which sets forth the terms and conditions of employment for members within the Peel District School Board.

Bargaining is carried out at the end of each Collective Agreement by a negotiating team made up of representatives from different areas of the Bargaining Unit: behavior, special needs, DECEs, and casual. All members of the Executive are on the committee alongside one member of our legal counsel. The Bargaining team negotiates working conditions and compensation for members.

Each fall, the Union acknowledges years of service and retirees at our Awards Banquet. This annual event allows members to meet and celebrate their achievements.